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SunBell and ScreenLine U_size integrated blinds offer a unique opportunity for you to have revolutionary blinds installed in your home. The blind is placed between two glass panes in the window.

This means it remains clean for life and there is no risk of a person damaging the blind. ScreenLine U_size integrated blinds offer exceptional solar control and light control, whilst guaranteeing your privacy. No maintenance is required. Choose from Venetian or Pleated models in 11 colours and 3 control systems. For windows, doors or French windows, choose from up-and-over, sliding or casement windows, made of aluminium, wood, wood-aluminium or PVC. 

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Alternatively, the SunBell range of integrated blinds may be of interest. One of Italy’s leading designers and manufacturers of Integral blinds for glazing, the SunBell blinds reduce outside sounds, enhance privacy and reduce solar glare. As the blinds are a part of the window, there is no need to clean them and they are easy to operate via a switch. So, you will not have the worry of using a wand or cord to operate your blinds. Sunbell blinds come in a range of materials and finishes, including Aluminium Venetian slats and Pleated fabrics in a choice of designs and colours. You will easily be able to find the perfect match for your home.

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