• Triple Glazing
  • Triple Glazing

Triple Glazing

Village Glass offers a triple glazing solution which will reduce noise, improve energy efficient and enhance security.

This means that you will sleep better and be less disturbed by noises outside. Triple glazing allows a high level of solar heat gain, capturing free heat energy from outside the home during the daytime.

Heat is then kept in night and day. Your heating bills will be reduced as you will not need to heat the house as frequently or at the same temperature, as the extra layer of glass retains the warmth of the sun for longer.

The internal surface temperature is two degrees warmer with triple glazing windows than with a modern double glazed unit. This also virtually eliminates cold spots and internal condensation.

The extra layer of glass means that you will feel safer, as it will make a possible break-in that bit harder for a burglar. It also helps you to save money, whilst also helping to protect the environment.

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